Do I have to attend both semesters offered by Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration?

You will pay a registration fee which covers costs for both semesters of the collaboration and is non-refundable, however, you will have the opportunity to opt out of 2nd semester classes if you decide not to continue. This means your vacancy will be offered to another family on our waitlist and you will not be offered early registration for the following collaboration year as will those who attend both semesters.

Do I have to purchase a Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration shirt?

Yes, adults are required to wear the shirt at each homeschool meeting. Not only is this part of the Deep Roots dress code, but for safety purposes, it clearly identifies those wearing the shirt as a member of the collaboration so guests in the building can be directed away from the collaboration's designated area.

Can someone else drop my children off or come in my place if I have another obligation?

Children can never be dropped off for a homeschool meeting. Parents and caregivers have an integral role in helping the collaboration run smoothly and must be on-site at all times in the event issues arise with your child. 

Only adults who have completed a background check may be on site during homeschool collaboration meetings. If you know ahead of time that a family member or caregiver other than yourself  will frequently be responsible for your volunteer work and responsible for your children, they, too, will need to pay to go through the background check process. It is acceptable for a Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration adult, enrolled for the current collaboration year, to be responsible for your children and volunteer position on the occasional event that a need arises.

What if we are absent more than twice in a semester? Will we automatically be removed?

No. We understand that life happens, so if a third absence occurs, a lead team member will call you to see how we can help and pray for you. If legitimate events have occurred to cause you to miss homeschool meetings (sickness, loss of a family member, car trouble, etc.), leniency with continued communication can be granted at the discretion of the lead team. However, if scheduling conflicts with other activities occur consistently, or your family is frequently tardy for classes and morning meeting, this is an unnecessary interruption to the organization of the collaboration and removal, without reimbursement, may be unavoidable.

What classes will Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration offer?

Our vision for classes at Deep Roots is that parents gifted in teaching will volunteer and choose classes based on their skills, talents, interests and the need of homeschoolers in our collaboration within the parameters set by the lead team. Generally speaking, students will receive a physical education class, Bible class, and either a creative arts, science, or life skills class. Feel free to let us know where your homeschooling need lies, suggest a class of interest to your child, and/or volunteer to teach if you have a passion or skill that needs to be shared!

What if I register and pay, but decide not to attend?

Filling out our registration packet and paying our registration fee is a sign of commitment to attend and serve at Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration. Once collected, the leadership immediately begins to process the background check, put participants into volunteer positions and children into classes for which materials are ordered, etc. Therefore, any fees paid to Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration are non-refundable except for rare and extreme circumstances (deployment or another job requiring relocation, sickness where duties are unable to be performed, etc.) determined on a case-by-case basis by the leadership.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

Lead Team Members are available for any other questions by email: