Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration

collaboration Meeting at a Glance

Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration meets in northern Romeo and offers two semesters, each meeting weekly on Friday mornings for 10-weeks per semester, 8:45-12:15 p.m.  Additional fellowship gatherings may be organized outside regular homeschool collaboration hours. Our fall 2024 semester begins September 20th and runs through November 22nd. Winter semester 2025 will begin January 31st and run through April 4th with a possible snow day make-up date on April 11th.

Weekly Structure

8:45 a.m. Morning Meeting (Parents and Students together)  

9:00-9:45 1st class

9:45-10:30 2nd class 

10:30-10:45 Snack

10:45-11:30 3rd class

12:15 p.m. 4th class

    Facility clean-up

A nursery (infant-age 2) and preschool program (ages 3-4 and potty-trained) are available for families with at least one child, age 5+, registered for the Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration.

Children who are kindergarten ready through 5th grade will be separated by age group to rotate through four classes. We are in the process of developing our class schedule but plan to include a Physical Education class, Bible combined with STEM, and two additional classes.

Middle school and high school age students will meet together for two of their class sessions, then break into smaller age-dependent groups for two classes. Classes are in the process of being developed but we plan to have a Bible class, Speech/Debate, Physical Education based class and Student Government.

Parents are required to serve for a minimum of two hours volunteering in assigned spaces based on inquired preference and skill. The other two hours, parents can grab a coffee and join the Parent Circle, organized activities, which may include a book club, Bible study, topical homeschool discussion, etc., or may choose to spend time in solitude while remaining on location.

Teachers at Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration are fellow homeschool parents giving of their gifts, time and skills. They may, or may not, be equipped to handle students who require special accommodations. Therefore, parents with children who have a special need will be asked to attend classes with his/her child. Parents of children with special needs may request to attend a homeschool collaboration meeting before determining if this opportunity is the right fit for his/her child.


Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration is a Christian homeschool program operating in a Christian church with the Bible as the ultimate authority on all matters. The classes and teaching will be formed upon, and presented from, a Biblical worldview. While it is not a requirement that you and your family are of the Christian faith to participate in the Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration, please review our Statement of Faith page as those who volunteer to teach can do so only once they have signed their agreement to these statements, signifying their desire to base their lessons on them.

Attendance Policy:  We ask that if you or a family member is sick, that the family not attend a homeschool meeting, giving as much advance notice as possible so substitutes can be contacted to fill volunteer positions. Families with visibly sick children who choose to attend the homeschool meeting may be asked to leave for the day.  Failure to give prior notice to absences may result in removal from the collaboration without refunds of monies paid. To help the homeschool meetings run smoothly, more than 2 absences in a semester will prompt a call from a lead team member. This call will be to verify the reason for absences, offer prayer and support as needed, but also to determine if continuing in the collaboration is best for all parties involved. If continued absences are unavoidable, removal from the collaboration may result, at the discretion of the lead team.

Behavior Policy: Children are asked to show Matthew 7:12 behavior (aka. "the golden rule") to the children and adults they come in contact with. When discipleship on appropriate behavior is needed, this will first be handled in the classroom with discussion and/or prayer by the teacher or assistant. Should the need for continued discipleship arise, the child’s parent may be asked to attend the class to give more constant support. Continual disregard for others or property may require removal from class temporarily and/or permanently. Generally speaking, students are to respect the authority of those in charge with polite, non-distracting speech and behavior. A student should never be without adult supervision. The church building should be treated with consideration, using self-control over actions.

Dress Code: All adults involved with Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration are required to purchase and wear the homeschool collaboration shirt for every collaboration meeting. This is mostly a safety measure to ensure that all adults in the building are approved participants of Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration and to identify anyone not affiliated with the collaboration. All participants do need to dress modestly, covering midriffs, bottoms and undergarments. Clothing should not display any inappropriate pictures or phrases. Close-toed shoes, appropriate for physical activity should be worn at  each homeschool meeting. If one is not in compliance with the Deep Roots Homeschool Collaboration dress code, they will need to sit out, under parent supervision, during physical activities, may be offered to choose an appropriate piece of clothing from the lost and found bin (if available), or will be asked to leave and return once in appropriate attire.


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